Garbage and Recycling on Thetis Island, BC, Canada
Thetis Island Recycling and Garbage Information
Managed by the TIRRA Solid Waste Management Committee
Hours of operation Wednesday and Saturday 9am -12noon
General information:

There are several reasons why we have adopted new sorting practices at our community recycling hub. As you may already know, the plastics and their associated numbers, as well as paper products and metals, are all reprocessed differently. With the appropriate equipment on site we can decrease the volume of loads by compressing each type of material into bales. Some of the materials are valuable resources that have the potential for revenue. However, materials must be sorted thoroughly and properly for our system to receive income for these resources. Revenue from our 'former waste' is integral to offsetting the cost of the system.

You can help reduce (or at least keep down) the operational costs associated with increased sorting by:

  • learning to recognize the different categories;
  • taking the time to presort your recycling at home; and,
  • taking your Refundable beverage containers (juice, pop, and alcohol) to the "24/7" site for collection by TIPA.
For a comprehensive list of current sorting categories on Thetis, download our Recycling Guidlines
Waste Reduction News, Links, and Resources

Great short film:

The most effective leverage point to reduce the operational costs of our local waste management system, as well as reduce our environmental impact, is to become more aware of our consumer habits. We can learn to make choices that result in less of both garbage and recycling. Please take the time to watch Annie Leonard's short and entertaining film about, well, all the stuff. A DVD copy of the film, as well as an accompanying book, is also available at the Thetis Island library.



Read local author and biologist Ann Eriksson's summary of her research on the health and environmental impact of plastics:

The Trouble with Plastics.pdf



The following pdf provides extensive information about recycling electronics in our region.



Creative Upcycling and Repurposing!

Members of our community have been "mining our waste" for creative purposes. Check out this link to Bill Dickie's project, building a model Fiat incorporating components gleaned from "waste electronics"!

Fiat under construction

Do you have a creative upcycling project or idea? Please share it with us!

If you have any comments, suggestions, additions or deletions, please contact us.

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