Community Activities on Thetis Island, BC, Canada
    Thetis Island is a small community of about 350 full-time residents, which expands to between 1000 and 2000 during the fine weather seasons. All community services except the school are provided by volunteers, and so are necessarily limited to what can be achieved from such a small pool of available workers. These volunteer organizations and services are listed below, serving (where available) as links to more information about each.
A.R.C.T.I.C. - The Amateur Radio Club of the Thetis Island Community

Community Association - T.I.C.A.

Community Church

Community Fund

Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Action page

E-Spokes - is an e-mailing list to which are sent periodic notices and updates on community activities. Click the link to request adding your name to the list, or to submit a notice to be posted.

Ferry Advisory Committee

Fire Department - T.I.V.F.D.

  Islands Trust - official website

  • Thetis Island Local Trust Committee Latest News including upcoming special meetings and items of interest affecting the Thetis Island Local Trust Area.
  • Thetis Island Planning Bylaws including the Thetis Island Official Community Plan and Thetis Island Land Use Bylaw
Notices & Classified Ads of General Interest

Phone Book

  • On-line form to send in the information you would like to have appear in our local island directory.

Port Commission - T.I.P.C.

RECYCLING on Thetis Island

The Thetis Island Marine Association

Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association - T.I.R.R.A.

ThINC - The Thetis Island Nature Conservancy

Thetis Island School

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