The Thetis Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association

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2024 Membership Application or Renewal letter and form

  • TIRRA Executive Board and Committee Chairs
    President:  Gordon Prescott
    Past President:  Wendy Hinsperger
    Vice-President:  Quentin Goodbody
    Recording Secretary:  Vacant
    Treasurer:  Ernie Hunter
    Cemetery:  Suzanne Sarioglu
    Community Trails:  Vicki Walker and Doug Fenton
    Communications:  Veronica Shelford
    Roads, Road Safety and MoTI Liaison:  Vacant
    Solid Waste Management:  Ernie Hunter

  • TIRRA contact:
       Email: tirra@thetisisland.net
       Mail: P.O. Box 141

Local Government Updates:

TIRRA's Standing and Affiliated Committees include:

  • St. Margaret’s Cemetery
    Mission Statement: To preserve the Cemetery as a place of quiet tranquility in a park like setting. To carry on its affairs responsibly and with sensitivity for the bereaved and for the memory of the people buried there.
       Suzanne Sarioglu (Chair) at 250-246-9965
       Simone Luckham (Treasurer) at 250-246-4802
       Janice Young (Secretary) at 250-246-9703

  • Communications - includes:

    • eSPOKES - the island’s virtual notice board. To subscribe, click here, or to send in a notice for posting, email espokes@gmail.com. Note the Guidelines for posting.
    • The Phone Book - is generally published about once every two years.  A useful aid to life on Thetis, it includes as much or as little information as each individual wants in it.  It has detailed maps, which help to navigate our idiosyncratic lot numbering system and are a major aid for the Fire Department and First Responders when when you've called 9-1-1.  Listing is free, but the books are $5 each, to defray the cost of printing.  Inevitably, they represent only our best information at the time of printing, but updates are published, when requested, in the Thetis Island Quarterly.  The Phone Book is not available digitally, to protect the information from hacking, but may be purchased from the post office, or pick-up arranged by email.  To do this, or to add or change your information in the next book, send us an email.

    • thetisisland.net - you’re there now.  An information resource for islanders and visitors.

    • Visitors' Guide - a digital version can be downloaded here, or physical copies for yourself or for distribution, or to be included in the next edition, by request.

    • Welcome packages - a selection of information useful to new islanders. To receive one, send us an email.

  • Ferry Advisory Committee (general information about FACs) and about the Thetis route FAC

  • Solid Waste Management

    • Lot 501 Pilkey Point Road
      Hours of Operation:
         Saturday and Wednesday: 9AM til NOON
         Contact: tirra@thetisisland.net or Ernie Hunter at 250-246-2181
    • Bagged Household Garbage: for a fee, prepaid cards available during regular hours.
    • Composting: Jollity Farm will accept your household organics or you can inquire at the Solid Waste Yard.
    • Recycling: Bing's Creek, Peerless or Return It Centres on Vancouver Island will accept your clean/dry recycle materials.
  • Trails - The Thetis Trail System is organized and maintained by the TIRRA Trail committee. As these licenced trails traverse private property, they are for the use and pleasure of island residents, family and guests and to this end, there are no published maps or postings.
    Reference documents relating to Trail Licenses and Taxes.

  • Transportation - to communicate with all stakeholders regarding roads and road safety on Thetis Island, including BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with it’s contractors, Islands Trust, TIVFD, BC Ferries Corporation, Ferry Advisory Committee, CVRD, Thetis Island Port Commission. To consult and cooperate with all committees of TIRRA, and other Thetis Island organizations operating on behalf of residents, and to communicate with residents regarding issues with roads and road safety.