In the early 1900s a timber wharf head connected by a wooden trestle was built as a dock to serve Thetis Island. Long before the ferry service began, this facility served the island as the main cargo/delivery point to and from Thetis. Owned initially by the province then federally, it became known as the government dock.

Transport Canada divested itself (owner since about 1920) of the Thetis Island government dock after about eight years of effort by Thetis Islanders to acquire the facility. Late in 2002 Thetis Islanders voted by referendum (85% in favour of CVRD Bylaw 2356 - a service establishment bylaw} for operation and maintenance of the Thetis Island wharf. CVRD took on ownership and assumed liability (cost bourne by islanders) for the facility. Similarly, although this time by counter petition, bylaw 2387 was passed early in 2003 which allowed CVRD to assume a similar service contract for the Thetis Island boat launch in Telegraph Harbour.

The Thetis Island Port Commission was established in 2003 under bylaw 2400 to manage both these facilities. Volunteer members consist of five elected Thetis Islanders appointed by the Regional Board upon recommendation of TIRRA, one Improvement District Trustee and the Director for Electoral Area G - Saltair/Gulf Islands.

Since inception TIPC has undertaken a major revitalization of the existing facility spending the one time $300,000 divestiture grant. The facility was refurbished, made more user friendly and continues to serve, among other functions, as the main medical evacuation point by boat from Thetis Island.

TIPC continues to maintain, manage and operate the facility for community benefit.


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